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News Feed - DreamCore

Reporter: Sir, Sir! Can you please give us a moment! Just a moment of your time for some questions for rChannel6!?

DreamCore Rep: Ok. 2 questions. Shoot, I have appointments.

Reporter: Excellent sir! Thank you! First, can you tell us a bit about the technology you're using in the Rest Beds? There are a lot of questi-

DreamCore: – let me just cut you off here, our systems are highly tested. We have a 300 point inspection that goes through each apparatus that meets 608 standards. We're acting within the realm of the law. Ask Measure 8, we've already been cleared. Any media drilling further will be met with silence. Please understand that you already know this and this burnt your first question.

Reporter: but sir! wait! ok ok ok fine. Can you at least tell us anything about the report of the white fluid mentioned in the Measure 8 report? Those are certainly not classified and are open. We just want to know what is in the substance.

DreamCore: You know any substance that is deemed harmful is denied immediately by Measure8 under the 608 standards. What is it your afraid of? What is the media trying to do? Are you so afraid that the masses might be able to afford a bit of luxury in their life? Are you afraid that this may rock their complacent boat? Listen.

Grabs the com mic

Everyone out there needs to open their minds and eyes to the worlds and wonders we have created. This goes beyond the normalcy that has been beaten into your minds. This is why DreamCore gave the free trial. We believe in our product, and you will too. Fuck what the media is trying to do to us. Form your own opinion. Educate yourselves.

Reporter: but sir! how can they educate themselves when you're hiding nearly every detail! Sir! wait! fuck.

Our story begins with a corporation named DreamC|ore that begins a fierce advertising scheme against the masses of Las Vegas. They go from interrupting your TAP, to being on the sidewalks, to even subtly invading part of your personal living space. Their campaign is aggressive promises a slice of personal heaven from your own desires – but to what end?

This story will cover this corporation and its problems. In our first session you are approached by two men in board shorts and nice t-shirts, flip flops and fishing hats represented by some very costly lawyers and witnesses. They have tasked you something simple – to take some images of these Red Beds. They seem to be under the impression that they had this idea first, and are looking to see if their idea was stolen or if they truly are left behind; both intellectually and monetarily. 

You all know nothing is ever just as simple as photos. There is a lot of missing information, but you're not paid to know the whole story.

Our next session begins with each of you going to different Spa Houses and experiencing Dream Core yourselves. How will you take these photos when you know their security is tight. They don't allow TAPs to even be on unless in the waiting rooms. 

Get ready.


DavidGM DavidGM

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