Kat Ostrovsky


Yekaterina Ostrovsky, or Kat as she likes to be called, lived a very privileged life in Las Vegas. She grew up in one of those fancy villas outside of Henderson, always surrounded by the best security money could buy. Her father is the CEO of Sci-Tek Industries, a multi-million dollar business that manufactures parts used for cybernetics. As their only daughter, Kat’s parents tended to spoil her. She was used to getting her way. Even before she was born her parents did all they could to make sure she had the brightest future possible. While her mother was pregnant enhancements were done to Kat to perfect her genes. Like all Human 2.0’s she is gorgeous, a trait she often uses to her advantage. She is also brilliant, far surpassing most when it comes to feats of intellect.

As she got older life started to become very boring for Kat. By the age of 16 she had had just about enough of the shallow world she lived in. To fit in she would constantly dumb herself down because boys didn’t like her for her brain. She started experimenting with drugs around this age. It started off innocent enough with some friends but unlike them, Kat craved the release she felt. When they got high she could escape the monotony of everyday life. It was around this time that Kat started becoming more rebellious. Her parents constantly tried to reign her in but that just made her rebel more. Her headstrong attitude got her into a lot of trouble with her father and they would often butt heads.

Kat was headstrong and rebellious but she was also very naive. Her life was much more sheltered than she realized. She would soon learn that the hard way. One night she overheard her parents discussing a business deal Sci-Tek had arranged with Valu-Tek (a well known cybernetics company). Normally she would just ignore talk of business but her father sounded concerned and this intrigued Kat. After a little digging and some eavesdropping over the next few days she discovered that Valu-Tek was knowingly selling faulty tech to slum dwellers despite the risk it posed to their health. Kat decided that if her father wasn’t going to do anything to expose them then she would. She was idealistic and still believed that the good guys always won. She was an idiot.

Kat successfully hacked into Valu-Tek’s corporate network and started poking around their files. A little too overconfident in herself, she took on more than she could handle. She stumbled onto a file that directly linked Ascension Cybernetics with what Valu-Tek was doing. The file had travel records and receipts and she was able to tie them to key meetings that she knew involved the business plan. Ascension Cybernetics involvement was shocking, especially since they cater more toward the elite. She tried to get deeper into the system but was kicked out before she could find anything else out. Worried that she would get caught, she deleted the files she saved and tried to cover her tracks.

A few days had passed and Kat thought she had gotten away with it and had decided that she would dig a little deeper before presenting what she found to her father. She didn’t get that chance though. Valu-Tek discovered her hacking and informed her father about her activities. Kat had never seen him so angry. He was livid that she would do something that could jeopardize the business and their family reputation. He wouldn’t listen when she tried to explain what she had found. Always the businessman, he set up a deal with Valu-Tek and Ascension Cybernetics to ensure her mistakes would not be made public. To this day, Kat does not know the exact details of the arrangement, but she assumes it involved a lot of money.

At the time, Kat felt betrayed by her father. She fought with her father constantly and her mother was often stuck in the middle. One night after a rather nasty fight Kat was kicked out. Her father told her it was for her own good. He thought a few nights out on the street would show her how good she had it at home. He never expected her to leave for good, but she was determined to show him she could survive without his money. She hasn’t spoken to him in six years.

With nowhere to go Kat called the only person she knew outside of Henderson, John Cahill. He had worked with her family a few times when they needed security for various events. John gave her a place to sleep and helped her out until she was able to afford a place of her own. At the time Kat had no idea what to do. She felt so alone and quickly realized how little she knew of the world. The stress soon became too much for Kat and she delved into some harder drugs. She tried Euphoria and got hooked immediately. She was able to cover it up for the most part, only slipping up here and there but she started to become a different person. Still living with John at the time she began to steal from him to feed her habit. John found out about her habit when he came home early from a job. Kat had nearly overdosed. With John’s help she was eventually able to quit but like any addiction she still craves that release at times. She hasn’t taken Euphoria in 5 years and although she has been tempted she refuses to break her promise to John.

Kat Ostrovsky

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